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Hey Everyone. People Have Been Asking For Pricing Information For Photoshoots, And How I Break Down Pricing. Below Is A General List Of How Its Done. Due To Various Other Variables, Such As Complexity Of The Shoot And Logistics, This Is Due To Change. Thanks To My Administrative And Logistics Assistant, Cassandra Teixeria For Assisting Me With This,

13x19 Luster paper= 115$,

8x10 Luster Paper= $50 [$60 for 15 8x10 Prints, $115 for 8 13x19 Prints]

13x19 Glossy paper=

$50, Glossy= $50[$55 for 25 5x7 Prints, $50 for 10 8x10 prints, $70 for 8 13x19 Prints]

Ink(1 Cartridge)= $40

(6 Full Cartridges)=$120

Gas= $35

Toll= $25 (Per Toll, Additional Tolls Added As Needed)

MTA= Manhattan & Brooklyn:$25, Queens:$35, Bronx:$40

Labor [Per Hour](Includes Photoshop Post Production)= $75

Sports Shoots= $85 Per Hour

Thumb Drive= $10/8GB

Cancellation Fee after 24 Hours= $75

Outdoor Rain/Snow Fee= $65

Studio Setup= $75