Welcome to LCPhotowerx! The home of acclaimed Staten Island, New York based photographer Luke Crisalli. On here you will find many of my photos, or Werx as I call them. Why Werx? Because photos sounds a little dull, and i'm anything but dull, and I really wanted to incorporate the letter "E" in my company name. As you can tell I'm a bit quirky.

I use primarily digital photography though I am well versed in 35mm Film photography, and various other alternative methods as well, including Liquid Light. I have knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge as well as a little bit of knowledge of Quark Publishing software. My Linkedin profile can by found by clicking the link in the, "contact" section.

I'll be adding new Werx as often as possible, so please, head on over to the Werx or Black And Werx sections to purchase some of the shots via Paypal!

I'm available for headshot and portrait photography, as well as spot news photography and still life work. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to contact me for a shoot, please, by all means, head over to the contact page to reach me for pricing and scheduling.