• 01/02/20 - 2020 Begins With A Bang!

    Hey Everyone, We've Updated A Few Sections, Namely The Werx and Black & Werx Areas, But The Really Exciting Add-On Is The Fresh Kills Renewal Section, So Go Check That Out!

  • End Of Summer Update!

    09/09/2019: Added Some Updates To The "Always Looking Up" Project. And, I'm Always Looking For More Of You To Photograph For This Project, As I Plan To Get All Of These Shots Compiled Into A Book Wherein The Proceeds Will Go Directly To The Micheal J. Fox Foundation!! This Is A Cause Very Close To Me, As I Suffer From P.D.

    Additionally, I Cleaned Up The Softball Section, Making Navigation A Bit Easier For All.

  • 2019, Here WeAre!

    01/19/19: Adding a few more shots to the "Black and Werx" section in advance of the spring addition of my 35mm film section. I'll be looking to rapidly produce more, "Always Looking Up" shots as well, so stay tuned!!

  • *The Big Relaunch!*

    10/14/2018: Like The Fresh Coat Of New Paint? Things Have Gone Into Hyperdrive Here At LCPhotowerx, With A Brand New Logo Designed In Partnership With Allison Scully!

    In Addition Many, Many New Werx Have Been Added, And Yes, They're For Sale, So Please, Support The Arts And But Some! They Make Great Holiday Gifts!!

    Want To Help Even More? Come Be A Part Of The Looking Up Project!! Information Is On The Link In The Werx Section!

    More Fun Coming Soon! Stay Tuned!!

  • Big Spring Update!

    4/6/16:Hello Everyone!! Hope the weather is treating you well, up here in the northeast, it's quite skittish, but that won't keep LCPhotowerx from showing off some fine images! The Werx section has been significantly updated with many new shots...shots you can buy! Prices may vary, but in buying a print, you are committing to keeping the art of Photography alive!

    But wait, there's more!

    From now until August 31, two LCPhotowerx prints are part of a featured exhibition at the Alice Austen House here on Staten Island! The "Staten Island Unlimited" features photographers from all across the island and will be on display for the public to see! The museum and cultural center is located at 2 Hylan Blvd. and is open from 11am-5pm! Go on down and scope out the scene!!

  • Pricing Information

    Hey Everyone. People Have Been Asking For Pricing Information For Photoshoots, And How I Break Down Pricing. Below Is A General List Of How Its Done. Due To Various Other Variables, Such As Complexity Of The Shoot And Logistics, This Is Due To Change. Thanks To My Administrative And Logistics Assistant, Cassandra Teixeria For Assisting Me With This,

    13x19 Luster paper= 80$,
    8x10 Luster Paper= $25 [$30 for 15 8x10 Prints, $50 for 8 13x19 Prints]

    13x19 Glossy paper=
    $25, Glossy= $30[$38 for 25 5x7 Prints, $30 for 10 8x10 prints, $40 for 8 13x19 Prints]

    Ink(1 Cartridge)= $20,
    (6 Full Cartridges)=$90
    Gas= $25
    Toll= $20 (Additional Tolls Added As Needed)
    MTA= Manhattan & Brooklyn:$15, Queens:$20, Bronx:$30
    Labor [Per Hour](Includes Photoshop Post Production)= $55
    Sports Shoots= $60 Per Hour
    Thumb Drive= $10/8GB
    Cancellation Fee after 24 Hours= $50
    Outdoor Rain/Snow Fee= $20
    Studio Setup= $60